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Meet the It2’s

June 18, 2012

We are the It2’s and we would like to say thank you for reading our 1st blog! We are so excited about our 1st Ebook  “Intelligent Thinkers X 2”

The IT2’s series is written from Deer Jon’s perspective with his views on his friends, special needs, manners, opinions and several other issues he  would like to enlighten the world on. Please help Deer Jon and the IT2’s spread the word of peace, love, and acceptance. Deer Jon is Autistic and believe that people with special needs are just that Special and they are here to share there unique gifts with us.

The IT2’s have received their 1st pen-pal request and story-time invitation from Mrs. Lazard’s class at Tinsley Elementary school in Houston, Texas. It is the IT2’s desire to host events, and story-times for schools and everyone that would like and want to share enlightenment for special needs. Please help us by donating (sharing) just $1.00. Just think how many classes we could visit and how many events we could share if we all just chipped in $1.00. We would love to hear from you and be invited to be pen-pals with you and/or your class. You may contact us at :

Sending you all of Christ Love and ours, 

Deer Jon and the IT2’s



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