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MeAn Girl (IT2’s) is at it again!

June 27, 2012

MeAn Girl is up to her old tricks again. If anyone knows anyone who works for Brach’s candy please give them a head’s up that MeAn wants to be Found and Discovered by them. MeAn will go to extreme measures to get the attention she feels she deserves.

Hey Brach’s don’t say I didn’t WARN you! DON’T tell MeAn I showed you what she wrote cause she will probably stop sharing her Gummi worms with me. I don’t want that to happen cause I like worms as much as she does.

I am Deer Jon.

MeAn wrote this:

Hey Brach’s this is MeAn Girl from the (IT2’s) I saw that you are sponsoring TV shows and I want to know what does a girl have to do to get sponsored. I’m your best advertiser. I eat your Gummi  worms everyday. If you dont believe me Google me and find out for yourself. I’m just saying I been eating and sharing your Gummi worms with my classmates and friends. I feel like you need to get to know me too! Dont act like you can’t find me! You can find me. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, and again GOOGLE.

 I am MeAn!

PS.  Oh Yea can someone please help MeAn get on LinkedIn. I’m tired after helping her set up FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and now WordPress.



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