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Rich Hancock is AWESOME! (From Joyful Joi’s (IT2’s) perspective)

June 28, 2012

Rich Hancock is AWESOME! (From Joyful Joi's (IT2's) perspective)

Joyful Joi was feeling less than joyful because she was so excited to meet Mr. Hancock that she asked if she could hug him. And, guess what Mr. Hancock gave her a hug and let her take this picture of him. Now Joyful Joi is all over the internet telling everyone who will listen how AWESOME Mr. Hancock is and she wanted to be the IT2 to tell the story. So here is Joyful Joi take on meeting Mr. Hancock.

Mr. Hancock was in our neighborhood knocking on doors and guess what he came up and knocked on our door and we thought he was the FedEx delivery man. When we answered the door we felt his energy. His energy was so powerful! He had a great Smile and presence about himself. Mr. Hancock introduced himself and told us what office he was running for. Why he wants to run and we were drawn into his passion and excitement to his commitment to his family, district, and his desires for good school and quality education for all children. Mr. Hancock took the time to listen to our desires to enlighten and show unconditional Love for students of all abilities. Most importantly to help people see and understand the giftedness of people with special needs.

We were sooooo excited to give Mr. Hancock the 1st copy of our Ebook (Intelligent Thinkers X 2) to share with his daughter. To have a dad as great as Mr. Hancock we just know she will be able to relate and understand the IT2’s.

I am Joyful Joi.


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