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@AnnCoulter “RETARD” (I am Deer Jon & IT2’s)

October 25, 2012

@AnnCoulter We love, respect, & welcome @BarackObama our President as an IT2 (Intelligent Thinker X 2). Thank U So much for your inappropriate name calling. Ms.Coulter U have proven exactly what  we have been sent to this realm to share: that “Retards” as U call us, are a gift to this world. President Obama’s intellectual intelligence & unconditional love for All of God’s people is a precious gift to this world. IT2’s have so many creative gifts & talents to offer this world. Talents & gifts right under your noses, but U, like so many others have only choosen to see the “retard” side of IT2’s. Check your history & see how many great & wonderful things we’re created & given to this world by “Retards”. Sending you all of Christ Jesus unconditional love & ours,

I am Deer Jon & IT2’s.    

PS. We R trying to plan an awesome Thanksgiving feast for #IT2’s all around the world we would love to have you Ms. Ann Coulter join us & share our feast.


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