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Music Therapy Moves Into The Autism Spotlight

October 26, 2012

TheNon Verbals We wrote about how we felt about Ann Coulter’s inappropriate name calling and we are asking and encouraging all IT2’s (Intelligent Thinkers X 2) all around the world to stand up & speak out with us. Our strength is in each of us and we are stronger as we unite together and allow our voices to be heard. We do not have to hide in the shadows any longer. IT2’s have great creativity and undiscovered talents to be given to this world. Everyday we are hearing about the accomplishments of someone with special needs. Please read our comments, share with your friends & families and again we encourage you to speak up & out. We are Nonverbal, but we will be heard. Sending you all of Christ Jesus love and ours, I am Deer Jon & IT2’s.

Sacramento Special Needs Kids

By Alyssa Green

If  you have a family member or friend that has autism, you will have no doubt heard about what happened over the weekend on Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars,” Jon Stewart’s bi-annual autism fundraising event.  Eleven year old Jodi DiPiazza sang a duet with one of her favorite music artists, Katy Perry.

Jodi, who has autism and who at 3 years old struggled to speak, found that singing came much more naturally.  She is now studying piano and voice at New York’s Mannes College of Music and is thriving.  Her amazing duet perfomance with Perry catapulted music therapy for autism into the spotlight.  What do you think?  Do you have experience with music therapy and how it has helped you are someone you love?  If so, we want to know.  Just comment on this post, or send us a message.

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