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The Thanksgiving Turkey that Jesus sent

November 21, 2012

The IT2’s had planned to spend Thanksgiving in San Antonio, Texas volunteering to help feed the homeless. Joyful Joi has the flu so the IT2’s agreed to stay in Dallas to take care of her. Merci had an idea. She suggested that we call the Share and Care ministries at the church to see if they had any Thanksgiving baskets left so that we could prepare a meal and share it with our friend and her family who is homeless. We contacted the Fellowship Church near NorthPark mall. The friendly and kind receptionist said that they did not have any baskets left, but someone had just came in and donated a turkey and if we could get to the church by 5 pm today we could have it. We said Praise God and she said Jesus has sent you a turkey.

We called our friend at 3D LawnCare to see if he could take us to the church to pick up our turkey that Jesus had sent to us. We arrived at the church about 2:30 to pick up our Jesus turkey and to our surprise they also gave us the fixings for sweet potatoes and green bean casserole all bagged up in beautiful blue reusable bags. We were so excited and grateful and had no idea the turkey would be so huge. Rev Paul helped us bring the Jesus turkey to the car. We told our friend who was coming home from college (UTSA) how Jesus had sent us a 16lb turkey and he started calling his friends to share our story. Now his friends want to know if they could come over for Thanksgiving dinner also.

Graci who is Merci twin sister said that we should add a ham to our meal and see if we could use the clubhouse so that we could invite other people in the community who may not have a place to go and have a Thanksgiving meal. MeAn girl even suggested that we could prepare some plates and take them to some of our senior citizen friends. We feel like the young man in the Bible with the two fish and five loaves of bread. We know that Jesus will multiply the Turkey and fixings so that there will be more than enough for all that desire to partake in our meal. This blog will be our parable to share during our meal just like Jesus did. We will start preparing our meal tomorrow and we are over joyed to be able to share the turkey that Jesus sent.

I am Deer Jon and IT2’s


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  1. Please help this Thanksgiving this poor and wretched Christian family. They need your help please share this site with your facebook and twitter friends. God Bless you This family needs your helping hands

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