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Do AT&T treat all people with disabilities this unfairly?

January 28, 2013
Customer Service call with AT&T – Friday 01.18.2013 @ 5:15pm
Dear Sirs,
I am writing to inform you of the type of conversations I have had with your customer service representatives from Thursday 1.16.2013 through Friday 1.18.2013. First I would like to point out that I should not be penalized for AT&T mistakes. Secondly, I have been accused of presenting AT&T with a dishonored check (which is incorrect). I did not make my initial payment by check. I used my debt card which means that the money was approved by my bank (I do have written proof from my bank).
     This issue of being accused of giving AT&T a dishonored check has caused me great stress, embarrassment, and frustration. From Thursday 1.16 – Friday 1.18.2013 I have spoken with about 6 customer service representatives and about 4 supposed supervisors (which should be documented in my acct. notes). Each time transferred I had to repeat my problem. And, each time I had to debate over the fact that I did not presented AT&T a dishonored check.
       Let me first explain how the supposed dishonored check happen. Upon securing AT&T services for my Internet provider I was informed by your representative that I had to pay $150.00 in order for AT&T system to ship me the equipment. I was told that I was not being charged for the equipment. This was procedure in order for the equipment to be released for shipment. I was also told that my monthly payments would be between $30-$35 including taxes and would be deducted from the initial $150.00 payment. AT&T deducted two payments of $150.00 each out of my checking account. Both payments were approved and deducted from my account. Upon this finding I contacted my bank to inquire if this was a bank error. The bank informed me it was not a bank error I had been charged twice by AT&T. I explain to the bank that I only approved one charge of $150.00 to AT&T. The bank filled out a claim form and informed me that they would contact AT&T for verification.
       I should not have to debate nor argue with your representatives about my bill not being paid because of a dishonored check when I have informed them that I have proof from my bank that AT&T did receive the $150.00. Each time I had to explain to them that the previous rep that transferred me to them was eventually able to find the documented payment in your system.I am including a recording of my last call or what I thought was my last call with your customer service department. I had hung up and my phone rung back with the enclosed recorded call taking place. Please understand that I’m not trying to get either of these ladies into any type of trouble. They were doing their jobs and much nicer than some of the other reps I have spoken with. The recording is to allow you to hear some of what I have heard for three day in trying to deal with your customer service department.
       First, Marissa stated I issued AT&T a dishonored check. On the recording Ms. Franklin the supervisor corrected her that it was a charge back & not a dishonored check. Marissa first accusation in regards to me as the customer was that I presented a dishonored check to AT&T. From the recording you can hear that Marissa accepted Ms. Franklin findings that it was a charge back. In my first conversation with Ms. Franklin we had to debate over the dishonored check. She investigated further, apologized, and was able to find the $150.00 payment. Secondly, as indicated on the recording AT&T MESSED UP my account and now I am being denied my Internet services.I spoke with Ms. Anderson on Thursday 1.17.2013 after I call back from being disconnected after being left on hold for over 45 minutes. Ms. Anderson tried to call the billing office and stated that their lines were down and that if I could pay $47.63 my service would be restored for 5 days (5 day hold) until I could get my charges worked out or the bill paid.
     Friday I paid $48.00. I called AT&T to verify my payment and find out when my service would be restored. I was transferred to Ms. Franklin to be informed that my service would not be restored as agreed. Again AT&T has LIED to me. We have had cellular service with AT&T for 7 years and even when I asked if AT&T could work with me until February I was informed No, because unfortunately the system wants money.On my initial start date I had to wait three weeks for my Internet service because AT&T had to keep sending a service repairmen out to supposedly fix the problem. I wanted and needed my Internet service on the date I signed up with you also, but I gave AT&T grace and understanding in repairing my service. I informed your representatives to please not tell me Thank you for being a valued AT&T customer and you value my business because even that statement is a LIE.
     If you valued my business or my loyalty to AT&T you would have found a way to work with me considering this whole issue is because AT&T MESSED UP as indicated on the recording.I am very sorry that AT&T was not able to work with me. I have a TBI disability and I’m enrolled in online classes as part of my rehabilitation. Since you have chosen not to restore my service this has caused me great amounts of stress and inconvenience in having to secure and allow connection time from another carrier. I will be sending a copy of this letter to the offices of Texas Department of Disabilities Services, Governor Rick Perry, and President Barack Obama with a request to be kept on file, because unfortunately, I do not believe I am the only disabled person that have been treated this way by AT&T, but I pray that this letter will help me be the last.
All Christ Jesus unconditional love sent to you,
Mrs. D. Griffen
 If you would like to hear the recording please email The IT2’s at for a copy to be emailed to you.
Deer Jon Am I & IT2’s

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