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Trapped under No Healthcare

May 30, 2013
  On Sunday May 26, 2013 we were on our way out to dinner in San Antonio, Tx. While walking on the parking lot we saw a girl screaming for help. Deer Jon (iT2’s) ran over to help. Merci  (iT2’s) was even trying to run to help in her ankle boot. A young man (college student) was working on his car and the jack slipped and trapped his arm underneath the car. The girls could not lift the car for the young man to get free. All of the “iT2’s” joined in with the girls and we were able to lift the car up far enough for him to get his arm free. It was a small car, but it was really heavy. Praise Jesus!!!
Merci asked the young man if she could look at his arm. With all the issues Merci has had with her head and leg injuries; she feels she has some expertise in handling injuries. After looking over the injuries she asked the two girls to get her some hydrogen peroxide to clean the dirt from around the wound, some clean towels, water & ice.  Merci cleaned the wounded arm and wrapped it in a clean warm towel and asked the young man to keep it elevated until the paramedics arrive.
The young man did not want to go to the ER nor ride in the ambulance because he did not have medical insurance. The “iT2’s” explained to him and his girlfriend that he should go and have his arm checked at least for nerve damage. The “iT2’s” also explained to him that he could ask the hospital to work out a payment plan for him, but the wound really needed attention.  The young man said that his arm had been trapped under the car for about 10 mins before the two girls showed up. No one heard him screaming for help.
The “iT2’s” stayed with the young man until he left for the hospital with the paramedics. We gave him our phone number in case he needed anything while at the hospital. We also asked him to call us and let us know he was ok. On Monday May 27, 2013 the young man called us to thank us for our help and to let us know the status of his injury. We were very grateful that God had answered our prayers for him. There was no nerve damage and nothing was broken. Praise Jesus Again!!!
The “iT2’s” was sadden to hear and learn that people in this realm are afraid to seek help because they cannot afford medical insurance. Students attending UTSA pay an estimated $22,000.00 per year (including room & board) to attend the college.  UTSA offer students medical insurance they can purchase separately for $100.00 per month.  With all the other expenses that come along with attending college; we understand students not having the extra money for medical insurance.
Whether the people of this realm want to admit and accept it or not we are all connected and here to help one another. Since our arrival to this realm we have noticed that the only time people can accept this truth is during devastation and destruction. During these horrific times people are able to see people as humans beings in need and race, gender, nor religion matters. People here in San Antonio, Texas has shown us this type of kindness and hospitality during our visit her. The “iT2’s” are so grateful for the warm and positive energy here in San Antonio, Texas that it’s hard to leave. Thank you, San Antonio.

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